The Good Doctor


"The Good Doctor" as Lucretia Ketterrog refers to him, has been a Ketterrog family practitioner for many years.

While few have had dealings with him, even fewer can attest to his care.

A few of the council have spoken in hushed whispers regarding the doctor and Pelorites are instructed to bar him from entering the church while Oghmites disavow his membership to their libraries.

Daed Al Icarr, when asked, only says that he "will not humour the insane" because he "cannot fathom the complete lack of morales."

Dr. Daanav Shaytan is a human 16 Cleric / 6 Psionic (yes, he's level 22) of questionable alignment and origin. Neutral Evil, or perhaps Chaotic Neutral, his fealty to the Ketterrog family is derived of his ties to Lady Lucretia for reasons beyond anyone save himself.

Loyal to a fault to her emminence, he serves to provide the household with whatever his abilities can provide, notably the psionic abilities that Ivor develops.

Originally a man of Oghma for the Covenent of Silver, his focus has remained the research and development of new and more powerful psycho powers.

A younger doctor, with the newly born Ivor Ketterrog
The good doctor, and a baby Ivor.