The Great Tree


In the midst of the city sits an absolutely massive tree, encircling the Brightwood compound in its entirety; hollow in the centre, and rooted at the edges, the tree thrust itself skyward as a defense mechanism against those who would seek to harm Juren Brightwood's family.

Created through Juren, using the power of the Wand of the Many, and the inherent influence of The Many, Juren sought protection and aberrant demon, or demi god of nature did give Juren the power to contend against his opposition. However, Juren's cowardice and his fathers wisdom argued against Jurens courage and fool hardiness. Though he was incredibly powerful, he is just a young boy, and though he is just a young boy, he is a Brightwood.

He fought against the strange nature of the spirit. As it sought to consume and redefine the world within and eventually outside the city, Juren held against it, preventing the spirit from completely manifesting, and limiting the power it could express upon the world.

When Juren was rescued from the inner most chambers of the caverns beneath the tree, the tree did not die or disappear. It held strong, and now several months later, is a testament to the fucked up history of the great kingdom.