Named for one of his ancestors, he is a head strong individual with a lot of fight and little fighting skill.

He is a man of powerful spirit and weak body, although he tries.

As bookish as he is adventurous, Lord Gyron rarely sits still. He tends to skip a meals, snacking on apples and granola bars while horse back riding long distances.

He is well traveled, having been as far as Karatur and Zakhara in his ventures; he finds Calimshan a wonderful vacation spot however he is, "forever dealing with the advisory" as he puts it.

As head of the Hawkwinter family, Felice, Laramus and Jornethos work hard to support their brother as they've come to accept the virtues of his strange methods.

No good bard, goes unpunished

As a high level bard, Gyron enjoys many eases in his social doings. As a high level bard, he is typically sought for performances and often chided by his siblings. He accepts this as part of his role, in the grand stage and theatre of life, and his siblings suffer him in kind.