A Suzalian business man who saw an opportunity in a distant land, Hiren and his wife Eliza were land owners operating a number of plantations spread about the western end of Cormyr, in the foothills of the Stormhorns.

When Hiren contracted with the Purple Dragon to venture into the Farsea at the north end of the valley, he did not know what to expect and soon found himself faced with ferocious beasts, complex conflicts and a nigh impenetrable land that promised death before profits.

"Yet, Drovers," Hiren would say, and tenaciously move forward with his intentions.

Within the first three weeks of his venture, Hiren had broken his leg and contracted a lung infection of some fungal sort.

Within three months, he had recovered, acclimated to the deep swamp and secured alliances with the Fishfolk in a pitched effort to see peace between the lizard, frog and fish peoples.

Six months afterwards, he had in fact succeeded, demonstrating that if they all worked together, they could ensure their collective future.

A year would pass peacefully, with the swamp denizens cooperating with the Drover communites to provide resources as Hiren organized the construction of road ways to incite Cormyrean traffic and trade into the Farseas.

Years on, Eliza would contract the same fungal lung infection that threatened Hiren but sadly, she did not recover. When Eliza passed away, Hiren would claim that his resolve towards their objectives did not wane but many could see that his spirit was tarnished.

The passion of his life had gone aware of himself, he refocused in passing the torch light of his will onto his son Dranten who had demonstrated cunning for coin and court.

Hiren would pass in 1034 DR, leaving his sons Dranten & Leopold.