Kalameet (Dragon of Calamity)

Born of a black dragon egg found within the corpse of an elder dragon that attacked the Cloudspires durring the royal burial. Gifted to Ivor Keterog by the Prince Saxburg in front (and much to the dismay) of members of the Council of Wyrms for reasons yet to be made clear.

Black Dragon by birth, Chaotic Evil by nature, Kalameet's disposition is no different then that of its brethren, but Ivors tutelage seems to have instilled a need to concentrate upon logical out comes and use its "negative" emotions as a channeled focus instead of succumbing to errant desire.

Master and Apprentice, Ivor instructs Kalameet in what psionic mysteries he can, in hopes of raising an entity that can depose Tyr dre Krieg and remove the Council of Wyrms influence over the Cloudspires... eventually...

Presently residing deep within the sewers of the Royals peak, Kalameet stalks the lowest levels looking to test its might against its denizens... or those who stray to far, while remaining out of sight of the Cloudspires more powerful individuals.

Present Psionic Mastery

  • Giant Growth
  • Dimunation
  • Psychic Inquisition