Konrick Blackmountain


Konrick was a warrior not from the harsh lands of Blackmountian at first. He grew up in a strong house, educated and trained by the best; a good life well provided for.

His family hungered for power, but Konrick did not. His father who had seen things go his way for over a century somehow saw Konrick as a threat to his plans.

Subsequently, Konrick was forced to flee as far from his family as he could.

Many years passed for him as he lead the life of a hermit deep in the Blackmountains range.

His new home came with new neighbors, and after skirmishes and shows of strength, eventually he made formal contact with a tribe in the cold wilderness of the lichen covered mountains.

With his education and martial prowess, he would quickly become leader over the tribe and ruler over the mountain range as a natural attractant for other clans to join.

Over the decades of his rule, he sired children, and made enemies. Of those enemies, some would band together to form the Blackmountains offshoot, the Black Wing and eventually they would come for their culminated vengeances.