The New Church of Oghma


The Church of Oghma, headed by Sid Meir, located in Sols Rest, sits proudly against the horizon.

Built mostly using magical techniques it stands as a testament to Sid's renewed passion for his faith, and his aim to demonstrate where the real power of Oghma resides.

Several spires point upwards with sweeping buttressed bridges stretching between the towers.

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Scouts have seen Drow patrolling the pathways leading between the towers while Frost Giants patrol the streets below. FrostFire clansmen seem to guard the building and surroundings.

Sid spreads the word of Oghma using primitive and modern techniques, sending pilgrims to neighboring cities and distant lands, as well as sending printed materials around.

With the backing of Daed's forces, Sid has protected and wrested where necessary to establish a very defined seat of power.

With his forces protecting and liberating Dodsland from the oppressive rule of the Pelorite order, Sid sits comfortably in Sols Rest, organizing his manuevers as he sees fit.