A strapping youth of 13, he is the oldest heir to Leostrad, sired by Leostrad and where most of his brethern suffered malformities, he came out solid from proper blood.

He is trained formally in combat by the Fighters Guild as well as third party trainors from out of state. He holds a number of tournament awards in several countries. He provides training and actively seeks trainors; he participates and has the family sponsor tournaments around the world.

As a traveled boy, he has seen great distant places such as Calimport. He has suffered loss, and he lost his adventuring leader, his Uncle Sevenstale, during a visit to Calimshan when assassins struck against them in a religiously charged attack.

He is a prim boy, who prefers to call people by their last name and title to 'err on the side of class.'

He enjoys cave fishing and dueling however does neither near or around the kingdom.

He is quick to use his station to quell a dispute, by word or gold that typically catches his targets off guard due to his young age and stature.

He is stocky, nimble, and can fights with several exotic weapons, and several traditional bits.