Rian Meir


A strapping young stone worker, Rian is a proud Oghmite who uses his exceptional mental prowess to engineer impressive architectures around the Cloud Spires.

A capable mathmetician, Rian has been seen at the Dragons Roost tavern bantering with a number of the cities highest minds about things that eavesdroppers hadn't the foggiest.

Though he is of a strong mind, Rian prefers to operate his company of people from within, often times swinging the hammer upon the pitons himself, and more often then not shirtless and sweating despite the biting cold.

He is known to excel at card games, can juggle, knows a slew of jokes and is allegedly as pure as the snow is white.

He has never been heard to swear, or look cross eyed around a woman or man.

He is the apple of his mother and fathers eye, and in general is the envy of every man and woman within the Royals Peak.

When asked by his friends why he has not bedded a woman or asked by his parents why he has not wedded and settled, his answer is the same: "Our lord placed us here for a purpose, and mine was to create, not procreate. I'll not be the keystone in the load there till I'm well enough seasoned; whenever that might be."