A man in his early 50s, he looks like he's in his late 30s and is a jovial fellow who enjoys wine, women and the company of his friends.

A slow man to anger, he has suffered enough tragedy for a lifetime and yet keeps a smile upon his face throughout his day to day doings.

Forced to watch as his wife passed during the birth of his stillborne daughter, Ricarrum Esquee has experienced loss in a way few can describe or imagine.

Although he was once a private man, Ricarrum has taken to the public eye with his doings on the advice of the Lord Carbohn Lagos (a man who lost his wife Desdemona to the Dwarven Wars).

Despite his public appearances, Ricarrum enjoys his quiet times in the gardens of his estate and is known for hiring help simply to have company around himself.

A generous man, Ricarrum is not one to dally upon small amounts or decisions, preferring to show decisive action in order to "keep life moving forward."

He is known among friends to be very aloof, and seems to have an alcoholic streak.