Royals Peak


The Capital city of the kingdom that stretches across the Cloud Spires mountain range, it was originally settled with the name Norths Rest.

Now a bustling city of many races (except dwarves), the Royals Peak is the centre of politics and control for the peaks that surrounds it.

Ruled by the house of Saxburg, the city forms a circle, surrounded by a tall thick stone wall. Among the landmarks of the city, the Church of Sun and Scroll, is where worshippers of Pelor and Oghma reside.

The Grand Market resides in the center of the city, in which merchants from around the Spires and neighbor motes sell their common (or exotic) wares. The smell of sweet and spice is heavy in the air at high noon, while the local shops serve the cuisine of the city. In the center of the market is the Fountain of Aurie, dedicated to Aurie Saxburg, the founder of the city and foremother of the royal line. As a minor hub in the northern most part of the world, the port is always busy with airships from nearby or passing motes, from trading ships to battalions, moving in and out like ants.

The city conducts trade mostly in ore minerals and refined metals. The Ardratiche family is responsible for the production of the metals from the raw ore mined by the Summerhill, Ketterrog and Lagos families. Until the Dwarven Wars came upon the city, the CloudSpires were also known to contract small collections of troops to passing war ships, merchant convoys or other causes so long as the CloudSpires remained neutral in doing so. These duties were over seen by the Barl and Lagos family. The kingdom has not been in a position to do this for quite some time.

The sewers of the grand city also harbored a hidden threat. The plague seeped into the waters, poisoned the water supply, and clogged the machines below with fungus overgrowth preventing them from providing water to the city.

Fungal growths and worshippers of Zuggtmoy made the sewers their home and terrorized the workers to the point where the operation of a new installment of a pump machine was halted.

The Royals Peak sent a party of heroes into the sewers who subsequently eradicated the threat allowing the sewers and water pumps to function normally.

Now, the Royals Peak faces assault by the FrostFire horde that has emerged from the neighboring lands. Sensing the weakened state of the kingdom, they seek to take what they want, and what they want is the Royals Peak.