Hidden deep in the Scosglen Woods, this ancient Elven city is purely a myth. Stories told by parents to their children as they go to sleep. Bards weave tales of the legend in taverns while peddling for coin. Many variations of the city are present at a time, and changes with every alteration to make it their own story. The city and the Elves grew out of the Woods itself and breathe as one. Some say the Elves fled to the Woods during the Sundering, taking their secrets with them. Bardic songs tell of the Elves falling from beams of the moon, creating the city using their innate magical abilities. Some parts of the legend stay constant; the Elves that live there have silver hair and eyes, their skin glistening in the sunlight. Attuned to magic and nature, they lived secluded from the outside world. Some say they are forbidden to leave the Silver Gates, wether by choice, or by force, and the latter has created a common saying the people of Cloud Spires use to scare troublemakers, "Don't make me lock you in your room like a silver elf!"

With rumors of powerful magical artifacts and ores, immense wealth, and waters that can stop aging completely, many adventurers attempt to find the city, and very few come back to tell their stories. The Woods are haunted by spirits, or enhabited by ancient magical beasts, or the Elves themselves are vicious and protective. Every count of what is in the Woods only taunts the brave. One bardic song tells that powerful magics prevent it from being found and only "the blood of Shalogh" can find it. Whispers of it's existance are present today - are the Elves still alive? Have they been wiped out and the city remains empty, along with their riches? Has it been taken by an evil force?

The legend remains...