A fascinating and complex race with a unique set of abilities and societal structures.

Physical Characteristics

Appearance: Amphibious humanoids with frog heads, standing about 5 feet tall and weighing around 100 pounds. Their skin ranges from pale green to dark blue.

Abilities: Adapted to cold marshes, Sivs have resistance to cold conditions. They can walk on water as long as the surface is relatively calm.

Personality and Tactics

Disposition: Sivs are calculating, tactical, and disciplined. They possess an elitist attitude, considering themselves superior due to their dominance in swamp territories.

Combat Approach: They prefer to weaken opponents with nets and slingshots before engaging directly. Many are trained as monks, skilled in using sianghams (a type of spear) and nets.

Society and Culture

Habitat: Sivs inhabit ruins within swamps, particularly in the Marsh of Chelimber, the Vast Swamp, and the Farsea Marshes.

Social Structure: They live in monastic orders and prefer to rule from behind the scenes, often manipulating other swamp-dwelling races like lizardfolk.

Relationship with Bullywugs: They maintain a facade of rivalry with bullywugs but use them as a buffer against outside threats, appreciating their privacy and isolation.


Clerical Practices: Siv clerics are rare and align with the domains of Law and Evil, as well as Death and Water.

History and Beliefs

Origins: They are believed to be creations or descendants of the ancient batrachi race.
Worldview: Sivs have attempted to expand their territory beyond the swamps but have consistently failed. Despite this, they maintain a strong belief in their superiority