Sols Rising


A small city of nearly 2000 people, resting on the edge of a cliff facing east, the sun shines upon Sols Rising foremost every day. The people who follow Pelor can be daily seen upon the cliffside in all but the worst conditions to give their daily thanks for another blessed day.

Sols Rising farms cattle and vegetables, as well as maintains manufacturing facilities where they produce a fizzy beverage known as Froth made from a citrus fruit that naturally grows in the area.

The Esquee family maintains a compound here where they conduct research and development upon the lava streams that flow off the cliffside into the ravine beyond. Their research primarily deals in developing methods to route the lava and how to engineer tubing that can carry molten liquids.

Sols Rising, due to the proximity of the lava flows and mild volcanic activity, enjoys temperatures 20 degrees higher than the surrounding areas and while the rest of the Cloud Spires is a white washed winter wonderland, Sols Rising is lush with greenery sprawling about.