Tahntha Blackmountain


Tahntha, son to the great Clan Chief Konrick Blackmountain and father to Thurass'X Blackmountain was born during the first eruption of the year.

He served his time making decisions for and defending the tribe as his father had before him. His father, serving as wise sayer and all around stoic daddy guy, held his side but not his route, often nodding knowingly as braves died duie to Tahntha's poor choices.

"The men are men. Not cattle, no matter how they may brey. Treat them as men, and they will treat you as their god. Be their guiding light."

A devout follower of the Blackmountain faith, and a powerful fighter, Tahntha would often lead the charge or take over tasks to get things done.

Motivated to accomplish and achieve, he leapt when the Black Wing attacked and was on the front lines himself prepared for war.

It was his mate who spoke the wisdom of positioning themselves along the wall instead, and prepare for the impending strike.

"We will blizzard death upon them from above."

The interloper who caused the avalanche that blocked the path was responsible for providing Tahntha the window he needed during the battle and he leapt upon the black dragon from the cliff side walls, crashing his mighty hammer into the wyrms head. Vishava reeled at this and Tahntha rode the winged nightmare into the snowy valley below.

He was hailed a hero and martyr, until he managed to pull himself into the village, claiming he had failed to destroy the beast, and he had failed to die for his shame.