Disambiguation. aka. Farsea Swamps, Tunlands, Tun marshes, (the) Farseas.

The swamplands beyond the Stormhorns, west of the Cormyrean empires civil center.

While well separated from the kingdom proper, the swamplands are accessible easily enough via the High Road or the Tun River that acts as a main vein from the Dragonmere and the Sea of Fallen Stars beyond the Throat.

The swamp denizens are comprised of several beast races, mostly the Lizardpeoples, Bullywugs, and Fishfolk.

The Tunlands and the Farseas were once two separate swamp lands that have grown together to become a massive single region of its own peoples, cultures and politics.

What were once simply a few lakes, wetlands and a river have now become a teeming civilization separate of the kingdom and yet a very real and feral part of what is otherwise a sterling example of civility in a chaotic world.