Writ of Harvest


An official document providing rights of land ownership, rights to harvest and work the land, and representation of agreement to rules and guidelines set by the ruling bodies.

The Writ of Harvest recognizes and licenses the bearer within the Cormyrean kingdom to conduct their efforts upon their stake of the swamp. The writ provides guidelines and principles in practice to avoid harming the flora, fauna or denizens of the swamp in conducting ones affairs and states explicitly that ignoring these guidelines will result in legal proceedings and possible forfeiture of the writ.

Writs are assigned to a bloodline so long as the bloodline is producing goods for the kingdoms welfare, else they must be renewed annually, or even monthly for a fee depending on the licensee.

A writ is applied for in Suzail or Threetrees and when submitted, reviewed by council in both cities, and if decisions are unanimous, the writ is issued to the applicant.

If there are concerns regarding its issuance, a council can opt to meet with the applicant who will be questioned and if their answers satisfy the inquiry, the writ is issued.

A writ is a legally binding contract that can see a bearer charged with major crimes including treason should the infractions be serious enough.

  • Land Ownership: The Writ of Harvest grants the bearer ownership rights to a specific area within the swamp, acknowledging their right to harvest and work the land.

  • Guidelines and Rules: Bearers must adhere to guidelines and rules set by the ruling bodies, ensuring that their activities do not harm the local flora, fauna, or swamp denizens.

  • Legal Consequences: Ignoring the guidelines can lead to legal proceedings and possible forfeiture of the writ. Serious infractions may result in charges of treason.

  • Bloodline and Renewal: Writs are assigned to a bloodline, as long as the bloodline continues to produce goods for the kingdom's welfare. Else, they must be renewed annually or more frequently and for a fee determined when issued.

  • Application Process: To obtain a Writ of Harvest, applicants must apply in Suzail or Threetrees. The application is reviewed by councils in both cities. Unanimous decisions result in the issuance of the writ.

  • Council Inquiry: In cases where concerns arise during the application process, a council can meet with the applicant for questioning. Satisfactory answers may lead to the issuance of the writ.

  • Legally Binding: A Writ of Harvest is a legally binding contract that holds bearers accountable for their actions in the swamp.

  • Environmental Stewardship: Bearers are required to practice environmental stewardship, ensuring that their activities do not harm the delicate balance of the swamp ecosystem.

  • Record-Keeping: Accurate records of activities, including harvesting and waste production, must be maintained and submitted as required by the writ.

  • Reporting: Any significant changes to land use, activities, or environmental impact must be reported to the relevant authorities.

  • Cooperation: Bearers are expected to cooperate with local authorities and wildlife conservation efforts.

  • Respect for Local Culture: Respect for the culture and traditions of the swamp denizens is paramount, and bearers should strive to maintain peaceful and respectful interactions.

  • Renewal Fees: Timely payment of renewal fees, if required, is essential to keep the writ valid.