A strategic fortress nestled deep in the swamp lands west of Cormyr, it is one of few bastions as such and is operated by the Irungarten family, providing a defensive position, staging point and oversight of the farming of minerals, fluids and geyser gas from the region.

Wyrmhall is several hundreds of years old and was built by the Purple Dragons to aid in holding the western boundaries against a variety of threats.

While it is no longer a royal property but held by a private family, it is still regarded as a stop over for Purple Dragon forces traveling the area and indeed soldiers of Cormyr are welcomed and sheltered with open arms.

The Irungarten family takes obvious pride in their charge, having modeled the castles exterior and interior with their crests, banners, and imagery, reminding the swamp population of their presence at every opportunity.

The fortress provides barracks for up to 100 soldiers, and secure storage in its undercroft and inner vault.

Reaching Wyrmhall is a trivial matter so long as you know one of the several routes that lead to its gates, however many of these routes are precarious if not deadily depending on time of day, season and the travelers experience.