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Chess is a game best played cold..?

So as the weather cools down, the game has a shuffle of chairs.

Fletcher joins the game as a player and young version of Mitch.  Seriously, I'm somewhat concerned that if Mitch comes back to play, it may cause a time conflict, a phase dimensional rift, or a sequel to Primer; so maybe not all bad.

Game was a good little romp, simple and traditional.


Last Episode

We start off with the continuing saga of our heroes, the saviours of the Cloud Spires; now with drill, engineers, and somewhat of a plan (sic: trusting that the engineers and by extension, the DM, have a plan), they venture towards their objective, the underdark of a distant mountain range.

Previous session, the adventurers started out transported to a small shrine nested in a divut carved from a mountain in a new mountain range some mountain ranges away.

Traveling along a mountain path connecting the shrine to a nearby tower, they found another phylactery hotwired with a long stretch of cable leading down to the underdark regions within the mountain.

Following their way out the main entrance of the tower compound, they met with Svirfneblin guards, who after a brief skirmish, introduced them to their leaders at a city of Svirfneblin.  Here they were confronted with a morale choice of wipe out the Svirfneblin by destroying their shield, the wiring apparatus, and resultantly, their source of power and heat.  They used to rely on lava flows through which they would vent the heat to drive their engines and warm their environs.

As luck would have it, the Svirfneblins in this distant range also had a portal gate.  For those who aren't aware, these are somewhat like Stargate gates, upon which runes can be inscribed to reach other gates.  The process is easy, but can be messed up, and gates can be locked to prevent incoming from another gate.  Being that Vane was familiar with the gate system and knows the 'address' for Royals Peak c/o Temple of Sun & Scroll (the), he subsequently phoned home.

Othello deferred to the party, who was a mixed bag of "let's help them" and "I dun give a fek."  The helpers won out 2:1 and the necessities were procured through some meetings and discussions.

Vane, traveling further through the gate system to the Fire Giant city within the Cloud Spires volcano where he learned that the Svirfneblins of this area had methods for burrowing that would prove useful.

Thurrass'X used his influence as a saviour to conduct discussions with the Esquee family and establish a research group of their engineers.

Yesterdays Episode

Today we picked up a new player, Fletcher, who fills the role of Kale, an ex CoS soldier serving duty with the Esquee family as their volcano drop specialist and 'Engineer guard.'

Regrouping at the Temple of Sun & Scroll, the party consisted of Vane, Thurrass'X, Kale, two gnome engineers, three human engineers and a halfling engineer along with a large (described as Zamboni-like but was ever shrinking in description as the game proceeded) machine.  Being lauded by Pograff for a brief moment, they proceeded to the portal chamber some moments later and transported away to the distant mountain range a half an hour later.

Meanwhile, Ivor, trains Ralph with a nat 20 to not be a cock up; and then receives invitation to a banquet ball being held that evening from his mother, by his mother.

Although Ivor doesn't know it, it is to be a gala affair by Lucretia fundraising for the rebuilding of the damaged city walls and to suggest a change of contract for the Ketterrogs to watch the new wall; she cites, "As we have seen the shorcomings of the military leadership in our recent tragedies, and as we continue to deliver us from dangers brought from these outside forces, we wish to take a more proactive approach to the protection of our citizens."

Now over the course of the two days that Ivor is focused on his military; Vane and Thurrass'X procure the engineers and drill from the Svirfneblins and Esquee's respectively.  During this time, Lucretia's aides overhear a conversation and mother hears about the Esquee's being petitioned by one of the saviours to save a distant kingdom.  She sends one of her personal aides to inform Ivor of the impending mission and implores him to join the cause so the Ketterrogs can expand their influence and position.  This leaves Ivor a choice, go to a banquet ball, or join the mission which is leaving.. twenty minutes ago.

As he prepares to dash out, the sudden and unexpected birth of his baby black dragon comes about.

A short while later, Ivor wraps the psionically capable and very influenced dragon around himself and together they make their way after the would-be spelunkers.

Adventure Rising

Those headings are getting small.

Okay, so the party finally assembles after some "comical" chase, in the underdark beyond the Svirfneblin city gates.

When they arrive, the players don't inquire about Othello, and Othello after two days, is off doing who knows what; the guards send a runner to retrieve their shamans procession and the players make their way through the city streets towards the main gate.

Some of the guards escort up until the procession meets with them; the engineers inquire for a map which the shaman's already arranged for them.  A brief conversation later, the Svirfneblins have informed the engineers of where all the old venting hardware is located and what they think as happened to the old flow.  The engineers don't bother relaying any of this, and the adventurers dun give a fek.  A guide by the name of Q'ouni (K-oh-nee) accompanies them throught the gates and into the darkness.

They travel some hours until they reach a bridge stretching across a chasm, the guide and map accurate thus.  Their guide informs them that the stretch ahead is a bit of a hunting ground with various races preying on one another.  Subsequently, as they cross the bridge, the rumbling of the drills treads summons giant spiders, who manage to stymie the entire session.  Imagine my surprise.

Will the players successfully route the lava?  Stay tuned to find out!

Good Session

The session felt a bit long in the intro, but it got things done.  I was hoping to have two combats however the first combat, being the giant spiders, ended up lasting some two hours in itself.  With an hour remaining, I adressed the suggestion left in Fizzy_Toes' stead, of having a scary something hit the players.

Surprisingly the players focus fired for a grand 100 points of damage, leaving the scary thing with naught but 50 points.

Given it was as late as it was, I had already decided that the engineers were going to use the drill upon the creature if the players didn't do it first.

So that brought us (much to my chagrin) to the end of the session, some five hours later.

Next session should prove interesting with the continuation of the escorting of the drill and engineers.