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4 months later

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 23:03

So the pandemics still here, summer's come and gone, and I'm operating a few campaigns.

I still miss some of the old crew but here we are. Completely new groups, chemistries and adventures.

The current campaigns are Iron Guard, Black Thumb and Waterdeep Stories.

Iron Guard is a mish mash of dwarven elements comprising Citadel Adbars Iron Guard in Underhome (The Great RIft post apocalypse). It's been a good romp of dungeon crawls, light political drama and a range of combat.

Along the way I operated and concluded the storyline to a campaign I called...

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6 months later

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 17:33

"How's it going, Doolz?"

It's alright.

We had a pandemic. I went online. I met a whole new group of people.

My campaigns have been going strongly with the new online group as an excellent assembly of passionate individuals who were present and able to play a mean game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Glitter and Gold

Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 15:23
The current map of what was once The Great Rift.  Now replaced with the giant pit of Underchasm.

Insofar as campaign ideas go, this has to be one of the simpler ones I've devised, but it is easily one of the most mentally prevalent I've had in a while.  Based in a song that I heard by Barns Courtney, I was inspired a long time ago and with each listen of the song since, I've had ideas of how a story could develop around a dwarven empire.

After some quick research, I decided to base the story line in the...

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Sunday, September 1, 2019 - 10:30

Feldspar is the name given to a group of minerals distinguished by the presence of alumina and silica (SiO2) in their chemistry. This group includes aluminum silicates of soda, potassium, or lime. It is the single most abundant mineral group on Earth.

'Shnike' is the sound I imagine leather makes as someone wearing lots of it moves around. Like wudwudwud that cordrouy makes.

This last week was a good set of sessions.

Story's developing; objectives are being achieved; questing's being done.

The 'Cormy.' storyline is based in Malorens Rest at...

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My first major cock up

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 19:08

I don't know that I'd ever say I'd bombed on stage in the past.

Monday, I bombed. I bombed in no small fashion, completely unable to maintain myself towards a goal.

I'm really ashamed if it, because at the beginning and end of the day, I'm master and commander, I'm the writer, the director, the producer, and I'm the dungeon Master.

Not the dungeon practitioner, not the dungeon casual; the dungeon fucking master.

Monday was a lesson learned. Two actually:

#1, I got detailed, but I didn't take it far enough.

#2, I didn't rehearse that shit.


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Playing D&D in Kelowna, B.C.!

My name is Dooley, and I run Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition for players in the Okanagan Valley.

We operate several groups, and the games are a semi-public affair where regular players play every several nights a week from 7pm until whenever the sessions conclude.

Each session is a dynamic and fun episode, each in an ongoing campaign.  Each player is encouraged to be a part of the story.

This site serves as a hub to my game.

If you want to email me directly you can do so at dooley@dungeonmaster.ca

If you live in the Okanagan, and you would like to get involved with the game as a player, feel free to email.  I might respond.

You can try to call me out on Twitter, or Facebook as well.  That always goes over well.