"A good run."

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There are many things that will kill a group, and many times have I seen a group slowly dwindle away to nothing.

It's always sad, and a miserable experience as a dungeon master, especially when many times, the individuals who make up your game are your friends.

I decided it was time to can the Monday group and start fresh. A new roster of people who don't have a whole lot of drama and familiarity with me.

Fridays roster is tentatively up to four steady. Time will tell.

It's not hard to find players, but it can be hard to find committed players that fit your schedule.

To add to this, it is hard to find several players that all mesh without any one feeling left out, discluded, ignored or otherwise alienated.

Chemistry at the table is a paramount factor that I am always looking at and have, I swear, become hyper sensitive to, for better or worse.

I know when you're having fun. I know when you're not. I know when you're going to flake on the next session.

I'm like Dungeon Claus, and I'm chock full of presence. Come'on, that was good. Whatever.