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That which you are seeking...

These last two sessions have been quite good!

Although, I need to not eat during game.  One of my worst pet peeves and I'm guilty as shit.

Jessica stated last week that she would be absent for a Friday as she was attending a 'Christmas Party.'  Personally I think it'd have made more sense to have it this coming week given it'll be December 1st but whatever.

Watching these last few, I feel like we have a good table chemistry.  I need to chill a bit, focus more in moving the story and less on describing a current point.  I end up repeatedly trying to continue the scene by repeating myself but instead should continue by explaining the next point of the scene.

As I assumed he would, Fletcher is coming into his own, growing as the sort of involved player we want at the table.  I hope he maintains his momentum, although I suspect with the return of Curtis and Jessica, he will instinctively retract a bit.

As the players and I grow the story, the sessions are including more and more characters and evolving in a controlled chaos of elements that make up a story that presents and answers questions at a steady rate.

Show don't tell.

I don't put enough fore thought into my descriptions to provide the evidence that builds up to things.  There are cases where very deliberate things are planned and slowly revealed over the course of many sessions.

Fast Pace

In watching interviews with Justin Roiland, something I keep seeing is the fact that their work is very fast paced.  With HarmonQuest, Spencer Crittenden is fitting his story around the characters and keeping things moving at a brisk pace.

In rewatching my most recent stream, I note that while I'm a bit better, I'm still getting off topic and giving lip service where it isn't needed.  I don't know that it's a case of forethought per se; my most recent game went off the rails but my preplanning still kept things in check.  The time was wasted in going over things, getting distracted by conversation, and then going over things again.  As I said above, it's more a matter of 'just continuing' rather then recapping.

More to come if time permits...