Lions & Nobles

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A Catoblepas wrangler.

So the new season begins, and with it the chronicles of the Farsea Swamps continues.

I'll admit, I did not assume that I would become so invested in this story, but the more I develop the world, the more meaningful characters I develop and become intrinsically familiar with, the more I can't help but fall in love with it all.

I suppose that's no different than any other author who takes pride in their work, but I am sincerely surprised that this world and its characters have grown on me in such a fashion.

The best part about it is that I find I'm in love with the setting and the world being crafted as a whole, rather than any one character or facet of it all.

The mosaic, the composition, is what holds charm to me and not just a single cool detail or piece of it all, and I think that that speaks volumes to the longevity of the world for me.

New blood

With a new storyline entering the world, I'm putting myself to the test as a story teller in that I wish to deliver an opposing view to it all. One could argue that this should be no challenge as that is the running theme (gag?) behind the whole of the Farsea Chronicles, but one could also argue that the challenge therein is to make it oppose so many views and subvert so many expectations.

What I'm most keen upon is introducing a new group to this world I've been honing and robusting, and developing the world ever further with new intrigue and characters, new wrinkles to discover and new combat encounters with new morale choices through out.

The new players are all passionate and excited for their first session, having crafted their characters inside of a day, preparing themselves a full week in advance of the coming campaign.

Opposing Force

Without wanting to give too much of the new storylines away here, the upcoming chronicle (titled Lions & Nobles) features Sembian interests coming into the Farsea. The players will begin the campaign as explorers, surveyors, adventurers, hired and trusted by Christo Gobb who works for Lord Berenthol Uskevren.

In addition to the Uskevren family, however, are the Foxmantle, the Ebonhawk and many other noble interests vying for their foothold in the deep tars of the marshlands.

As we unroll the story line, the players will have many conflicts and confrontations wherein they will help shape the future of the swamps, and their place in it.

This new campaign is set to begin next week, Monday, ~630pm.