My own little world

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I'm not Tolkein, nor would I compare myself to his genius, but aspirations and dreams are what they are.

I will never be Tolkein. My work will never have or be what Tolkeins is regarded for. Best I can expect, I think, is that a few people appreciate and are moved by my stories, but then that's all I'm really asking for, is that I tell a good enough story that the few people who attend my games are emotionally moved by the events therein.

There's nothing more satisfying then seeing the passion that players put into the world I'm creating, helping me define and shape and create together as we all play within our collective creation.

I provide a doorway into the Forgotten Realms world and guide players in developing a character with a foothold in the world and then take them on a journey, showing them people, places, things such that they're motivated to discover more, and ultimately solve questions and problems within this imagined reality.

Whenever I get back into the game after an hiatus, I feel a renewed sense of passion for the craft but this time, with a fresh group of new (and very passionate) people and a fresh new perspective on an established story of my own creating I can't deny that I am very excited for what I'm developing in the Farseas region.

I've noted that there isn't a great deal of history there in the last hundred years. While there was major landscape changes, it doesn't seem as though there was much written for the peoples, or politics of the region leaving it quite open and malleable, which I'm very much enjoying.

There are a scant few other dungeon masters who have documented quite a bit of their work in regards to the area but not much in the way of official canon since what I presume is early 3rd edition and again in late 3rd edition.

I could be wrong in all this as I haven't exhaustively searched about to see what there is, but I can confidentally say that canon wise, I haven't seen much in the Farseas Swamp.

So in short, I've been enjoying developing this region as I have, researching the histories that all seem about a hundred years blank and ripe for the colouring; thus have I developed the wiki with fresh new entries defining the Farseas Swamps, my characters and vision of the region therein.

I have not provided nearly enough but in due course hope to have written and linked about enough content to provide a solid view of the feral lands beyond the Stormhorns.