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What kind of story are you trying to tell?

DM Protip: Take notes of times between sessions.  Chronological order is important.

We're trying to tell an epic tragedy.

I think we're doing an alright job of that so far.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the chaos.

Despite the disconnect in player schedules, I think the story line in and of itself is going in an legititimately interesting direction.

I use interesting not as that dismissived generic definition so many love throwing around, but as a term used in its truest sense.

Everything here has intrigue and interest on all fronts and if this were a story in a book, it'd be an intriguing read!

It just so happens that there's a disconnect in storylines and frankly, I've done a lot of stuff in the past, but letting go is something I have never done.  That's what I'm doing now.

Pro Streams Do It

Sometimes, if you're the beat stick, you are sidelined while story happens.  Somtimes, as a mage, you have to sit to the side lines and let the heavy hitters do the dirty work.

The point is that everyone gets their time in the lime light, and the important thing is that I tell everyone else to shut the fuck up.  Quite literally.  I don't mind tableside banter but I need to tell people to keep it to the side like they're in the Rossiiskoi Federatsii.

This is one reason I want to get a few more microphones.  Cause then I don't have one general mic but a mic for each and potentially a mute/unmute feature.

I digress; my point is that the story goes where it needs to.  Sometimes, one character has more screen time then another.  Sometimes, some aspect of the story is going to take more attention then another.

Joe has spent entire sessions sidelined for condition or direction.  Sometimes it is what it is.  I endeavor to kekep everyone joined in some fashion, but sometimes there's going to be a schism.  As a DM you can only do so much.

Decent.  Went alright.

The session had enough in it that I was happy.  The assassination attempt on Ivor is part of the 'plan' that the_shadowbat plot pointed a while ago.  I had intended to bring it about sooner, but frankly, who has the time.

I don't intend for it to be a major thing, but I do intend for it to be a robust thing.  Meaning, there's some notes and story that Joe could trace to get an idea of how and why, who and how much; all in all; although I don't expect he will.  Frankly, this will be a side plot that he and I both endeavor to keep on the side.


So there was a fork for this whole scenario to take.  Effectively I didn't not expect everyone to go into the tree.  I expected folks to implore upon one another, and then discern that Vane was mobilizing soldiers to move on the tree.  This may have swayed opinions and direction.

Everyone's their own agent, right?

Next session I expect will go starkly different to yesterdays.

This past session everyone decided they were going to go ahead without Vane, or backup.. or a plan; next session Vane can bale them out after I 'tpk' and cocoon them again.

This time though, maybe Juren will paralyze them so they don't run.  Maybe he won't cocoon them at all..

I mean, I get that I put a tree in the middle of the city.  I get that they think they're "the heroes" but how long do I give them before the Summerhills wage in and a civil war breaks out?

How long do I give until there are repercussions (and serious ones) for how the characters at play are conducting themselves in the world?

No council, no consideration, no care.


Walthenor Oriss Pograff is not dead, but he may die.  If Helbrim (or someone) doesn't get him the antidote soon, Walthanor may perish due to everyones dismissive priorities.

The world is not a Bethesda scape of states, but it is an evolving and growing idea in my mind.

If Helbrim is on his way to the base of the tree, and the Brightwood compound though.. I fear that Pograff is doomed.

Meir will not take it well.


Everything is connected, and everything happens for a reason.

The assassin wasn't just a combat, it presented concepts.  Never mind the guns that fired twice on each attack (remember Eilonwy's crossbow?  Same thing); the assassin had a little circular tile that he had thrown at Ivor.  Ivor managed to get out of the way of it so nothing was learned other then the crackling lightning effect that sprouted from it.

My Car.

Busted or slipped the linkage underneath the shift boot.  Couldn't fix it today because I have cheap ass tools that had heads stripping in the torx screws.

My buddy has a shop where I can get access to better tools and subsequently the internals of the machine.

I have a loner car for the time being, insured and plated, good to go.  Old busted hotness that it is.

Affiliate Mode Enabled

So it was live last session and surprisingly nobody threw bits and cheers, but I had my first real subscriber (no offense to Johnny_Speed); thank you TheManteledMaven!

Too cool, I have to say it's an honour to see folks enjoying the stream as much as I'm working hard to see that next Friday is a well and figured session, but I'm going to maintain an aloof and loose cotnrol on it for the next few sessions.

Some characters may die, some characters may rise or fall.  Except Mactillian.. I really enjoy the way Paul is playing the character.

The Art of Letting Go.

When you're planning a world especially one with a lot of poltical players in it, it's important to have everyones motivations in order.

When you're planning a story that includes a lot of players, it's important to have their personal interests and plot hooks in order.

Once all that's done though, what more can you do session to session but let the players play through the course of events?

So that's kind of where I'm at, and I can't really add more to the world other then to spruce up what's there with random events, be they combat or a mimic bottle.

Injections and the Sell out factor

In a way, allowing viewer injections could be seen as a 'selling out' of the 'integrity of the game.'

On the other hand, viewer injections are, in my (perhaps limited) vision, controlled by the power of our choice.

I understand where Curtis was coming from in his protest against the mimic, but just as I said to Paul about the bees, it's part of the game.

Regarding Paul and the bees, I should call and apologize to him for not planning it ahead of time.  He's thick skinned and he played along in the end but really, to just spring that on him is expecting a lot of a player.  Frankly, if he really doesn't like it, I'll have Prissmahl deliver something from Daed.  Take two and call me in the morning.  Clear that shit up like a case of crabs.