Two stories

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This is me now.

I had forgotten the mental drain that running multiple games can be. Socially, I don't have any issue with it. However, keeping the threads untangled and straight in my mind during game takes some real honest planning.

Maintaining a game driven by my own story is one thing and running two games is another thing, but running two games that are tandem on a timeline or storyline is a new challenge for me.

It's a heavy amount of work to get the characters written and any lacking points can quickly lead to problematic outcomes if I'm not keeping abreast of my story as the games roll.

Sandbox is fine gameplay if that's what you're going for. A story driven D&D game with a meandering or uncertain plot is just sandbox gameplay, and also a failure.

I used to say that I could get by on a few bullet points per session but this is no longer the case for my two campaigns.

The plot of The Farseas Chronicles involves a range of characters, a range of locations, and a range of relatively dynamic motivations. Tracking this could probably be achieved with an appropriate world building tool over and above this site.

Maybe I should look into that.

I was considering rebuilding the site, integrating some AI, and making myself a new knowledge base for tracking my work as I continue to develop it. The ultimate goal I think would be to see the work easily compiled for release.