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The hand of Mystra

I've released an adventure that you can have a look at here.

I decided to challenge myself some years ago to write a small module that folks could use to build an epic series of adventures off of.
I wanted to build a premise and context with characters that myself or others could easily inject (hah!) into their D&D story and build off it for high level campaigns.

I don't assume I'm alone in saying that it can be hard to produce a convincing small scope high level campaign objective. Something with large enough stakes that it matters to the players, without requiring upheaval of your world. Moreover, I wanted to provide something that would focus on the truly epic scale, that is gods and goddesses, and provide something specifically entailed for magic users.

I feel I've achieved this here in this small bundle which provides a mish mash of ideas in the hopes of doing all the aforementioned. I hope this work provides you and your players with a good bout of fun.