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Robusting the Story

While the title is a play on romancing the stone, the playership is anything but stone like.

Mondays playership is vivacious, exciting and inspiring. How refreshing to be faced with such passion in the game.

The story line is developing and characters are growing in my notes. As it goes, I'm aiming to keep things in short cycles, with growing stakes over each iteration.
Something leads to something a bit bigger, rinse repeat. Now that they've retrieved Jasper, they can play escort mission which should present a neat combat scenario.

I've got to streamline my delivery; I've got to avoid dragging ass on exposition; I need to deliver the important points of it all and move on. The dramatic descriptions are good, but I need to expedite delivery.

How do I mean? In short, when providing exposition, I found that in my last session I was gett carried away with points and not divesting myself quickly enough to move to the next topic. It was from the very get go as well, each interaction far too wordy on my part.

Too much content and we run far too late. Moreover, I had forgotten that game was supposed to wrap at 10, not 11; and ran run past 11. Ugh.

It didn't seem like folks were too bothered, but moving forward I'll have to keep more aware of the time. If folks are yawning (and I was) then it's time to shut it down. As involving as it is for me, it's not so much for everybody, especially when there's six players.

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