Next Steps Coming

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The players are nearly all 20th level and the last steps of the current story line are coming to a close.

With the death of the king of the Frost Fire, the clan will be thrown into chaos, and Ivor has expressed genocide as the next step.

Faramore Barl is already addressing the council to achieve this as the 'plan' moves forward.

Merry Fuckmas.

So the players don't like Christmas? I say too fucking bad, but I'll move on with the main line then.

This means no toy factory fight. Also, it means I don't get to use the Santa mini this session. I don't know if we're playing on Christmas Eve (Monday game), but if so you can bet your ass I'll be making more Christmas magic occur.

T'would seem though that Friday would rather not deck the halls and carol the night away. Fine.

Next level.

Wheezehards is hinting at something very SpellJammery. With this, I'm thinking it's about time to either take influence by way of Eddard, or my new adversary. The new adversary will incur upon the CloudSpires for locational convenience.

The question is, how do I want to ease into it as a climax for 2018, given I'm not doing the toy factory. I've got today, and the 28th.


Every NPC has their motivation.

Every sperm is sacred.

The Ardritiche folks are securing their walls, hiring mages and locking things down. They're still filling and shipping orders, but all labour hiring is at a stand still and all deliveries are made by inhouse providers. Tursq has been sighted training harder then ever amidst his people, inspiring the Ardritiche house soldiers to new levels of duty. Members of all guilds have been denied entry and those who would keep a clandestine eye upon the compound have found it virtually impossible to learn anything from within the keep.

The Keterogs are doing providing troops, and special support, but Lucretia has a campaign concerning Daed at this point, not that that's on the books, but it's something that Ivor will learn about during session, and Thunders people will have an ear to.
While Berholdt has secured the Keterog compound akin to the Ardritiche house, they are still open to visitations and have been entertaining guests from within and outside the state nearly every night.

The Vogons are aiding the Saxburgs as they're taking influence from Faramore. Faramore agrees to the genocide with Ivor, however it's Harrison and Pahrns brainchild in action as each brings their spy net to bear on the country side.

The Summerhills are in retreat pending their patriarchs recovery. Provided Cecil pulls through, they can expect some legal actions against them throught the council.

The Lagos family has been open, and outspoken about the skirmishes. While they have suffered losses, they do not make ceremony of their fallen, taking them in stride with humble funerals and then sending more of their people to serve in whatever capacity is needed. Their ships are in a constant state of flux with new ships being built, old ships being repaired and soldiers of theiir house in nearly every squadron and platoon being marched to whatever objective. Carboh has been quoted of late as saying that "she would not want me to sit idly while our countrymen suffered. I'll not suffer as a babe while others need our hands."
Esther has been quoted to say (with a saddened expression) she is concerned that Carbhon seems to have lost value in life and is throwing his family at the states problems.

The Esquee house is largely untouched, although they've suffered losses as they typically do when the families start to quarrel and lose focus. Riccarrum has taken this in stride and made head way with hiring in people from out of town. It's rumoured that he's paid quite a bit out, and it's hard to deny that with his recent influx, his compound is beginning to appear as a gypsy stop over.
He and Carbohn have been seen swilling mead on his front stoop overlooking the city while attendants take and deliver reams of papers.

The Church Oghmites and Sid specifically, are backing up Faramores efforts, and the Pelorite side is shifting.

As rumour carries of Vanes doings, the SunWalkers are seeing an odd surge in membership as more and more paladins find themselves carrying Thaladriels sash.

Needless to say, Lillian has kept her efforts up and managed to recruit in several bodies of worshippers from passing airships. Much as Riccarrum has sponsored so many, so too has Lillian filled the Churches residences with new blood to bring about Pelors glory.

An open agreement has been made between Faramores people and the Church to train new blood into new fighters and subsequently new Paladins.

Northern Lights.

Ever played the old X-Com? The one that didn't run on a goddamn if statement, and a bi weekly schedule (what a crock of shit).

The old X-Com had a facet of the design in the aliens behaviour that is important to note. Aliens would arrive by way of the north pole. Yes, I am basing the arrival of my other worldly antagonists on my child hood experiences with an old strategy game.

We've already seen the lights, and the question is whether I want to leave Daed alone or include him. Part of me says to leave him like a Hallister Blackcloak, off to the side, biding his own business for a spell. He can either return as assistant or antagonist at a later date.