The Lagos family is a patriarchy comprised of members of the Ardratiche and whose name is derived from ancestors long dead.

Lord Carbohn leads the family with his six sons and one daughter, Skar, Juno, Sirrvio, Lucc, Zeremos, Shaw and their sister Diona.

Originally a family of weavers, responsible for textiles and fashion, their family became known for the development of stronger and lighter armours that could keep soldiers protected against steel and the environment alike.

While the Ardratiche family is still primarily the source for weapons, they simply cannot best the Lagos family in the development of protective equipment.

The Lagos family maintains contracts with mercenaries as personal protection, and for training house soldiers. Carbohn has made an effort to ensure his boys and girl are well and capable of handling themselves.

The Lagos family is a mostly Oghma devout household, Diona and Zeremos being the shining pride of their father with their innate magical abilities.