Tursq's wife. She's kind of a bitch.

The proto form of "Ladies who Lunch", Esther is not imbued with any special magics, or patron spirits of any sort, but she is no push over mentally or socially.

A trained botanist, learned chemist and no nonsense business mind, Esther operates the finances of the Ardratiche household while "Tursq pretends to run everything."

She clearly loves her husband for being all the things she isn't, however their shared interest in chemistery is where their relationship shines.

She is smart tongued and sharp minded, and accustomed to the two facedness of social life, providing a smile where necessary, but only when necessary.

Esther is a 6' 3" woman (huge bitch), and nearly skin and bone for a diet of mostly greens she produces herself and the odd piece of fish she has specially brought from rivers throughout the Cloud Spires.