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An ex-member of the Covenant of Silver, he has lived in the Cloud Spires for several years now, serving the needs of the Esquee family.

Kale is not close to Riccarrum Esquee although Riccarrum is not necessarily a private man, and seems to take the moments he can spare to treat with Kale as he would a son, providing advice, and gifts,

Kale serves as a specialist in volcanic activities, using his strange sense for heat and vibrations.

On occasion he has provided his training as a CoS assault mage, diving into danger zones when necessary.

Currently in a contract with the Ketterrog organization, Echelon, he is providing his arcanic skills in the study of some clandestine fabrications of a macabre sort.  If you have any information please call the Church of Sun & Scroll, or shout to the dawn father for guidance and await fates hand.