Cloud Spires


The Kingdom of the Cloud Spires is a spread city state of some sprawling nature as it is located within and atop several intermingling peaks in the northern mountains of what was once known as Faerun.

They were under siege by the dwarven kingdom of Highhelm for two years and being largely self sufficient managed to defend themselves capably, but war is exhausting and as a result, the kingdom has felt the pain. In a recent skirmish, their gold dragon fell to cannon fire from enemy ships.

The population is elven and human with some halflings. Drow are not allowed to own property in the capital but the outlying farm communities have some living alongside peaceful goblinoids.
Within the city, drow and goblinoids are only allowed to reside as members of a house service, eg: butler, biffy sweeper, personal guard, etc.

Ruling over the Cloud Spires kingdom is a now dead gold and very alive and miserable silver dragon rule in bond with a royal family of elven heritage who are overseen by a board of peers elect selected by vote of the states population from among the leaders of the royal houses.