A matriarchy led by the lady Lucretia Ketterrog, this family is known for their prowess in both the arcane and the martial.

While always known for their military capability they continue to surprise with innovative progress in arcanic and materials refinement.

Lady Ketterrog has consistently manuevered to position the family such to gain from The Good Doctor's research and at times from her ex-lover, Daed Al Icarr.

With a large stake in the CSMC, and protective contracts with the Ardratiche and some smaller houses in the kingdom, the Ketterrogs are feared or at least respected for knowing how to wage battle.

While they are not formally contracted by the city vis-a-vis the militia, but they are paid for efforts that they invoice for.
There is rarely if any argument as Lucretia, unlike her brother Borrj, would not invoice for and take coin, over favours and soft influence where possible.