The leader of the Oghmite order, Lord Meir has been a member of the Church since before his arrival in the Cloud Spires.

Having recently celebrated his 55th birthday, Lord Meir has led the Church alongside Lord Walthanor Pograff for nearly two decades and has been responsible for many of the Chuch's advancements in education and records keeping.

Formally trained as an airship engineer, he joined found himself on the crew of a fellowship traveling the motes bringing the word of Oghma to all who would listen.

He has curated a small family of two children whom he bore in his late years after settling in the Cloud Spires.  Soussan Meir his wife, dotes on their son Rian Meir, a stone worker of 22 years.

He is visibly distraught over the illness of his friend Pograff and has been working closely with the priests researching his ailment.


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