Lagos Weavers Guild


Responsible for the research and development of new armours and other protective innovations for their airship technicians. Where the Ardritiche specializes in weapons & armour, the Lagos family, specializes in everything airship.

Their clothings are produced to protect against the dangers of airship development and their uniforms offer high protection (AC 13) without incurring much weight (5 lbs, 7lbs with a 2lb helmet) or flexibility issues, and still providing warmth with a removable inner wooliped lining. Perfect for the crewman labouring on a moving airship's decks in sub zero temperatures.

They've developed the finest gloves the CloudSpires has available, and they operate a charity that allows everyone who needs a pair of gloves, to have a pair of gloves.

They employ whomever wishes to learn to sew, in the development of the gloves.