Eddard Reville


A blue skinned tiefling, Eddard is known as a Lord Pontiff in the Oghmite order and is a Deacon of the Waterdavian Ministry of the Scroll.

He follows a Lawful Neutral alignment through his holy endeavor.

His values are those of a simple and pious individual but Mr. Reville is a tiefling who has seen some shit.

He has spent time fighting abroad alongside the Githzerai against mind flayers guilty in summoning demonic forces.

He has spent time fighting at the front lines in Chult and many other exotic locations.

Eddard Reville is known as a 12th Circle Warrior Priest, capable of high power magical influence through his studies.

He is rarely without his confidant and assistant, Essproh Vaeryn, and his friend and bodyguard Ingram Dewman.