Kropus House


The Kropus house is a proud and stalwart piece of the Farsea regions history in the kingdom of Cormyr. The noble house is officially based in Suzail but maintains several residences throughout the swamp area although of late, there aren't many family members after tragedy upon tragedy.

Once made of a strong and powerful family, the patriarch, Vader Kropus ensured his family's legacy despite incredible competition and aggression as the swamp would provide during their first 100 years of business.

Several human families would try and fail to over take the Kropus house and over time they would broker agreements with the natives and see a peace that few could truly understand the complexity of.


The Kropus men have always been regarded as conquerors in Cormyr and Sembia, and the many humanoids who wished to master the great Farsea and Tun marshes (that would over time and cataclysms combine to become the expansive Farsea swamp) time and again were the only among the few who would see through the trails and trials that would lead humanity to rooting out so many terrible things preventing Cormyrian society from truly communicating and permeating the swamp.

The most incredible agreement of all was to hold safe and secure the eggs of the greatest threat the swamp had at the time in one Stjorrayrm otherwise known as Old One Eye.

With the eggs held secure, the great lizard was effectively leashed, prevented from doing anything that would go against the Kropus patriarchy's wishes.

Lies in the mud

As some say, all things come to an end and many would express shock and a lack of surprise when the empire built upon deceipt and bloodshed met a pause in the assassination of Vader.

The origin of the strike was never derived and justice would ultimately never be served although many would hypothesize and rumours would flood the streets..

With the recent murder of Lord Osrin's family, the power in the Farsea region was suddenly in vaccuum.

Lucien, a boy of 16 at the time, would step into his fathers shoes.

A new age

No less the conquistador than any other Kropus, the latest patriarch has set to work in exercising and excising his holds and holdings where possible and as he feels, necessary.

He has met resistance, but has exercised a battle prowess unlike any other to date.

What's more, is he has shown a strange sensitivity and care for the central peoples of the Farsea, brokering agreements with the denizens for peaceful transactions building upon his forefathers foundations.

North to south, east to west

All across the Farsea, the Kropus family would spend countless coins to hire new muscle and adorn new bodies in the sigil and colours of the house.

While the nobility of the region would deign to have all involved follow the letter of the writ, the new head of the Kropus empire deigned to maximize the interests of the house.

In due course would the Kropus militant see to several regions that were treatied by the late Vader Kropus, now cleared under the hand of Lucien. These geyserparks as his house held title to, were owned and contested by the native denizens of the swamp until Kropus arms saw them forcibly evicted so that their siphoners could make profit upon the methane.

Bad blood

While the nobility of Cormyr will appreciate an uptick in methane production and supply, the denizens of the swamp have been becoming more and more displaced, threatened, oppressed, frustrated and of late, have begun to mobilize forces to retaliate in some parts of the region.

While the Writ of Harvest states that a bearer must work to maintain peace among the natives, word has not reached Lord Jon Aris of the Aris family in Ariston at Castle Aris in the north of the Farsea.