Church of Sun & Scroll


The Church of Pelor and Oghma is the core religious organization of the Cloud Spires.

Sharing the church and their duties, the worshippers of Pelor and Oghma work in a close relationship with one another. While the Pelorites are considered to be the hands of the church, the Oghmites are the thinkers. Leading the church is Archbishop Pograf of the Pelorites, and Archbishop Meir, of the Oghmites. Lord Pontiff Eddard Reville and the Chosen of Pelor, Vane Thal'adriel.

The Oghmites use their thirst for knowledge to record the history of the world, and their libraries have no rival. They are not just focused on the past; they work on recording the present, and also are in charge of certain duties with the Royals Peak as a neutral party among the family houses.

The Pelorites rather use strength than knowledge, and they are found on the battlefield - fighting for the good of the world. With the uprising of the evil forces in the land, they Pelorites formed an army of the church under the guidance of the chosen of Pelor, Vane Thal'adrial - calling themselves the Sun Walkers.

Since Sid's ousting at the militant might of Vane and his Sun Walkers, the Church has seen a shift of power and focus. Now a force against Acererak, Vane sets his sights on the destruction of the great Lich.

Meanwhile, Sid Meir, has since moved into the east, supported by Daed Al Icarr, he now is head of the Oghmite order operating the New Church of Oghma from Dodsland, to Sols Rest.