The Kropus Writ of Harvest defines their company as a "General resource harvest collective" but the methane empire is much more.

Rumoured to boast a military might of nearly 1000 soldiers across the Farseas, the Zepherine companies resources are locked and protected with a force that rivals the Purple Dragons presence and puts their response ability.to utter shame.

The company logistics are spread throughout the swamp lands, with labour contracts within all the major cities and settlements to provide storage, wagons, labourhands or beasts of burden.

Producing upwards of million litres of methane in their most successful year, each harvest team produces ~4 barrels (1000 litres per barrel) per day.

Methane Barrels:

  • Small Explosion (1 barrel of compressed methane): 3d6 fire damage in a 20-foot radius.
  • Medium Explosion (2 barrels): 6d6 fire damage in a 30-foot radius.
  • Large Explosion (3 or more barrels): 8d6 or more fire damage in a 40-foot radius or larger.