Aurie Saxburg


The founding mother responsible for bringing civilization to the mountain range 1200 years ago. As a half elf seeking a place of respite, her airship crashed in the peaks after being caught in a heinous cyclone of windstorms.

On the verge of survival, she and the few survivors managed to fortify themselves within nearby caves subsisting on mushrooms, and water found within the depths of the mountain.

Once the summer sun came, she had established herself the leader of the clan and over the course of a few short months they managed to quarry and construct dwellings upon the highest peak, in the hopes they would attract the attention of passing airships and be rescued from their fate.

Alas this was not to be the case, and years passed until as luck would have it, another airship crashed upon the mountan top, this one laden with elves, a number of treasures and subsequently the alliance was borne for survival between elves and humans.

In time they would produce offspring and flourish and eventually an airship did pass by, and offered gold for respite from the mountain stress. A roost was constructed, and trade began as word spread of the burgeoning establishment in the north.

In time, Aurie passed away and her lineage continued, delving into the very caves they survived within to mine the ore that became the backbone of a kingdom.