The beautiful Lady Medina Brightwood, is an enigmatic woman in an enigmatic family.

Her betrothal to Vane Thal'adriel organized over two decades ago, the family had disappeared during the dwarven wars, thought killed in raids; however it was Vane's own mother Elana Thal'adrial who did in fact locate and return with the young Lady Brightwood to reunite the family and their causes.

Medina is a woman with purpose, and she fulfills that purpose using the people around her and her storied family's extensive resources and capabilities.

She demonstrates a calm yet stern air about her and commands attention when in a room, even when she is quietly sitting by herself. Men who lay eyes upon her are stricken by her beauty, men who stand near her never forget her scent of pine, men who hear her speak are haunted by the melody of her voice for hours afterwards. It has been hinted jokingly, that the Lady Medina is part frost nymph although anyone who has seen her eat, knows that's virtually an impossibility.

Despite all of her traits, Lady Medina eats like a pig as the rest of her family and does not shy from getting dirty. She is quoted as saying, "If it's good enough to eat, if should be good enough to wear." This is of course a reference to the druids way of utilizing the materials of the animals hunted, but is used in jest to refer to gravy, giblets, etc.