Wyvernwatch Castle


Once owned by an ambitious ancestor of the Aris family and garrisoned by a small armada of Orog soldiers, the castle has since fallen to the care of the Irungarten house of elven warrior smiths.

Lord Tycho Irungarten is known for maintaining strong ties to the Cormyreans and the local natives and stronger borders against those who would threaten his piece of the swamp.

Having had to fight hard against repeated attempts to retake the castle, the Irungarten forces would eventually quell and route any further attempts upon the fortress, thus ending a hundreds years legacy of banditry and much worse.

The castle now stands as a staging point for campaigns due west and a common ground where swamp natives, Cormyrean citizenry and drovers can intermingle without fear as the Irungartens see all races as potential labour, and they pay decently.