Jon Aris


Once a simple carpenter working his trade blissfully far away from his legacy, he was surprised when his father, the late Lord Erdrick Aris stated that they were to take up their birthright in the face of his brothers "failure to be a bad bards tale."

Over two decades, young Jon, a skilled and passionate wood worker, watched his family morph. His father ejected his brother who was refusing his 'royal duties', abandon his throne for a strange sudden conquest, vanishing for nearly two years before suddenly reappearing to retake his place as patriarch of the house.

During his fathers absence, Jon watched his mother grow ill from the cold north, and the musty, swamp atmosphere. Eventually, she had had enough of the clerics, the bandits on the roads, and the general country life and opted to divorce the family and take her chances back in Suzail. She begged Jon to come with but with a broken heart he had to tell her that he would honour their birthright, despite his father.

It was also during this time that Caduca Aris would return, having explored the swamps and having met many swamp denizens.

Reinstating Caduca as a member of the family was within Jon's power as his father had been absent for more than a year. During their time of ruling together, Jon and Caduca discovered they had a natural ability for asserting themselves both in court and among their people, having spent years in both circles.

In due course, the kingdom would slowly change, organizing efforts to improve and better their trade, communications and protection of their people.

Jon has two sons, Denneron (Denny), and Ottiluke (Otto). Ottiluke is considered the finest Alchemist in the eastern heart lands and his brother Denneron a capable marksman, swordsman and justice of the peace in the lands.