Soussan Meir


A comely woman with a sharp wit and a razor tongue, Mrs. Meir prides herself on knowing all that occurs in 'her city, her home.' She holds her husband in high regard and reminds any who threaten her of just who he works for.

The safety of the children, thoughts and prayers to the trouble peoples, and bake sales on Sundays, Mrs. Meir is a busy body who maintains that 'idle hands bear no fruit,'

She is quick to call down upon any individual or entity whom she disagrees with, although she rarely holds a grudge against any one body.

Long time acquantances understand her interests lie in the bettering of the Royals Peak, and the Cloud Spires as a whole.

A capable seamstress and exceptional surgeon, Soussan is a nurse at the Church of Sun and Scroll, providing her suturing talents when knitting wounds, and even small nerve endings.

She has a very specific taste for the Summerhills honey wine, and has been complaining of late that the flavour is off.