Residing in his domain within the peaks surrounding the Valley of Black Spines, he has presided over his empire for a few hundred years.

A sprawling and teeming population of kobolds worships him from their homes in the underground tunnels.

His kobolds loyal and fierce, serve to scout southward and send raids upon myconids, sverfneblin and drow interests when the dragon wishes it.

Petron'ex socializes with drow as far as Menzoberranzan and when he does so he does so as a purple skinned drow.

They stave from surface assaults although the occasional thefts are not uncommon.

Petron'ex has achieved the ability to polymorph, using this as part of his "argument" for his seat on the council. So far as he is concerned, the Council is fortunate that he wastes his time with them.

In truth, the council endures him for his military might is concerning and due to their defensive position regarding humanity, provide him with the presence he wishes.

Want not the wanton

Like any other member of his kind, Patron'ex appreciates his horde of treasure and his horde of followers.

He is an industrious dragon who learned early on that survival required friends, and like any dragon, friends equated mostly to worshippers.

Preferring kobolds to humans, Patron'ex gets his higher level social needs through council interactions and drow minglings.

Petron'ex long ago curbed his anger and allows his rage to fuel a powerfully tactical mind.

The Dark Under

The under dark regions of the vutha kevessa arux tendril downward with large and small tunnels weaving with the massive kobold population surrounding an underground basin, which is horribly sulphuric and a river that carries past, from which the population harvests lichen, fish and raises rothe.

The teeming underground population is checked by predators such as giant spiders and snakes, nemesis of the dragon, and the dragon itself through daily, near hourly sacrifices (it is quite an honour to be considered food for his lordship).

The Under mountain over

The peaks of the valley are tunneled as well, some due to old volcanic activity and some for the efforts of Petron'ex's kobolds.

The dragon makes his home in several of the vast chambers where rivers of magma still flow through his lair.

Life in the service

The kobolds that make up Petron'ex's populous regard him as their god. He receives a sacrifice of a hundred kobolds per day, ten new sacrifices every waking hour while he is resident in his lair.

He refrains from snacking while reviewing his interests, which include kobolds mining, constructing, or otherwise working throughout his "kingdom."