Farseas Guardians Spirits


The beast races fo the Farseas swamp worship a pantheon of guardian spirits as per the Siv religions that have spread about the marshes.

Papa Croakus

Domain: Marshes, Communication, Guidance
Description: Papa Croakus is the guardian of the murky marshes, serving as the guide through the swamp's treacherous waters. He facilitates communication between the mortal realm and the spirit world, providing wisdom and direction.

Maman Lilies

Domain: Love, Fertility, Nature
Description: Maman Lilies is the goddess of love and fertility in the swamp, representing the lush and vibrant flora. She blesses unions and ensures the fertility of the land, nurturing the hearts of the swamp's inhabitants.

Baron Slumber

Domain: Transition, Rest, Regeneration
Description: Baron Slumber oversees the cycle of life and death within the swamp. He grants restful sleep and renewal to those in need, ensuring that the departed find peace in their journey.


Domain: Protection, Craftsmanship, Wetland Resources
Description: Crocun is the protector of the swamp's resources and the art of crafting. Swamp dwellers invoke his name for safeguarding their homes and for guidance in utilizing the swamp's abundant materials.


Domain: Transformation, Serpents, Hidden Knowledge
Description: Dambastra, represented as a serpent coiled in the shadows, embodies transformation and the hidden mysteries of the swamp. Seekers of hidden truths and profound change turn to Dambastra for guidance.

Gran Sombra

Domain: Ancestry, Afterlife, Legacy
Description: Gran Sombra is the guardian of ancestral spirits and the continuity of lineage. Swamp inhabitants honor their forebears and seek Gran Sombra's protection for their family legacies.


Domain: Waterways, Navigation, Abundance
Description: Agwee governs the swamp's labyrinthine waterways and the bounty they offer. Fishermen and travelers on the swamp's currents call upon Agwee for safe journeys and prosperous catches.


Domain: Rainfall, Renewal, Balance
Description: Ayida-Mist is the bringer of rainfall, refreshing the swamp and maintaining its equilibrium. The balance of the swamp's delicate ecosystem is preserved through her guidance.


Domain: Joy, Laughter, Celebrations
Description: Ghedebo and his merry troupe of spirits bring laughter and mirth to the swamp's festivities. They revel in life's joys and accompany celebratory rituals with their infectious spirit.

Gran Woodland

Domain: Healing, Vegetation, Protection
Description: Gran Woodland is the guardian of the swamp's abundant vegetation and a healer of ailments. Swamp-dwelling herbalists and protectors of the wilderness invoke her for their endeavors.