Iron Serpent


The Iron Serpent sits alongside the Sargauth river, on a piece of property passed down thru generations of owners through various methods, be it familial, gambling, or sale.

The bar has always drawn a steady crowd, not being large enough to hold many patrons, and not typically being in a place anybody would want to stay long term.

It has no easy access to any warehousing, and the pier, if one could call it that, is mostly the disheveled balconey that frequently sees impact from drunken trolley drivers piloting the river.

While sturdy enough, with it's iron pillars (specially built by dwarves of ancient times), it is not large enough to allow many boats and mooring space along the area is at a premium.

The Iron Serpent appreciates a brisk foot traffic during common hours as the dock workers and ilk don't typically fret seating, or even where they drink so long as there's somewhere serving.

The kitchen at the tavern has a decent reputation, with regular fresh fish specially spiced with a new surprise each day. Aside this, the kitchen keeps a few crates with chickens for eggs, and a range of spices and legumes. Occasionally the kitchen serves beef, but being limited for storage space, it is rare.