Grungs came to the Farseas from Chult, however the migration was performed near solely by green warriors whom were long ago thought lost to their explorations.

In fact, the Grung tribes who ventured to the Farseas found themselves fortunate, confronted with a bounty of great proportion.

Over the course of a few short decades, they would multiply and establish themselves as a formidable population not to be trifled with.

These Green Grung tribes found their leadership in the monastic and cunning Sivs who had found themselves slowly being ousted by the burgeoning humanoids and other swamp natives.

Following their faith, the Grungs have established a caste between their tribes, respectively consisting of the Everekko, the Nooripple, the Sharthorn and the Morsun.

Each of the Grung tribes ferociously holds a section of the Farseas with only Grungs and a few Sivs making up the population.

Grung tribes in the Farsea consist of the Chief, their Advisor (a Siv), the Chiefs special warriors, labourers, hunters & gatherers, scouts and general militia guarding their region.

The Farseas Grungs, like their Siv leadership, are fiercely racist against non swamp peoples, refusing to interact outright unless there is a driving interest for them.