Sols Rest


One of the largest eastern cities in the Cloud Spires kingdom. It is nearly as large as Dodsland and provides the kingdom with a range of minerals as well as some of the hardiest miners and most careful engineers.

With the loss of Sols Rest to the radiant bomb detonated aboard the playerships vessel, a massive blow to the kingdom in both morale, tension and capability was felt.

Like Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the poor city of Sols Rest was blasted apart by reckless behaviour in a time of war.

An inquiry was silently launched soon after wards, and is nearing a reports release.

Several contracts important to the Cloud Spires were soon nullified as production from the citys mining efforts were lost.
Several of the houses that supported the church have backed out.
The great houses of Esquee, Keterog, Saxburg and Vogon have lost vested interests in the region, while a range of minor houses have lost labourers, and a number of resources necessary for their survival.

Specifically speaking, they've lost metals and ore needed to craft what they sell or ship to other regions.

There have been rumours of a new player in the mining game, fresh in from Cormyr who has cited the scorched region to be salvagable and is apparently working with Eddard Reville to plan the rebuild.

The mines are mostly unscathed, with the front entry ways disturbed slightly which in fact prevents them from becoming infested during their down time.